Actionable Dental Marketing Idea #2

Today we’re featuring a dental office who has really turned the new patient faucet on through a variety of internal marketing efforts.  Pine Crest Dental’s very own Dr. Williams showcases an incredible Halloween dental marketing strategy which speaks for itself.

The benefits of branding by having children arrive at the practice are immediately evident.  Additionally, the practice is aligning themselves with altruistic values and support for America’s military personnel.  Promoting great oral health is something you must live by, and preventing excessive consumption of sugars is being demonstrated by Pine Crest Dental in this promotion.  Obviously, the contribution being made has benefits to the kids and parents, with cash and xylitol candies being handed out.  Overall, this dental marketing idea is one to put in the books as valuable, and one which should be put into action!


From an SEO perspective, this promotion is the sort of thing which can earn you publicity and editorially granted inbound links form local media outlets.  Which can improve overall dental search engine presence through online buzz.