Websites for Dentists

What does a great dental website consist of? While most websites for dentists consist of a cookie-cutter template, a great dental website appears custom. This doesn’t even mean it necessarily is custom 100% built from scratch. You can create a website geared for dental patients in the following steps:

  • Include information about the dentist.
    This means a short bio that is personable and professional. Have it fit your personality. If you portray a false image, it will only be perceived as less than authentic. Be true to who you are!
  • Show your dental office.
    It can be photography, and also video. Give a tour of your dental practice, just like you might for any new patient. Remember that your home page is a lobby which should welcome new prospective patients. Don’t be shy, this is your time to impress them!
  • Introduce your team.
    Your dental staff have personalities and are every bit as important you, the dentist. People go to a dental practice for the dental staff just as much as they do the dentist.