Company Values

Dental Marketing Guy’s values reside in the fact that optimized patient acceptance and optimized patient care are of paramount importance.

It is my goal to help only those dentists who have an attitude of providing the best in patient care, not those looking to just make a fast buck. As such, here is a list of dental office qualifiers to help you sort out whether your practice is a good fit for the dental marketing guy’s services:

1. You believe that the patient comes first.
It might seem obvious to use that rhetoric, but in practice it’s much less popular an idea. Profits shouldn’t come before patients. Interestingly, I find that the dental marketing campaigns which are based on this concept are the most profitable. And I won’t have it any other way.

2. You believe it takes money to make money.
Another cliche’, I know. Fostering an attitude that all dental marketing decisions should be based on a careful assessment of return on investment, dental marketing guy is focused on increasing your patient acceptance rates. What I won’t do is pretend to be the cheapest guy on the block, as that is out of step with the values here at Dental Marketing Guy. If you’re a dentist with a timid budget, or if you philosophically believe that dental marketing should be cheap, I’d be happy to direct you to another provider who can fulfill to an extent, based on your budget. I don’t believe that top level dental work performed should be undervalued, and with our campaigns we’ll help your patients and prospective patients feel the same way. I ensure that with Dental Marketing Guy, you’re getting the most comprehensive, data-driven, creative dental marketing campaigns. Such passion doesn’t come cheap, and I won’t work with any dentist who thinks it should.

3. You believe in adaptive dental practice.
Continuing education, reasonable technology upgrades, and a progressive thinking approach towards improving dental care provides me with the reassurance that you’re a dentist that is forward-thinking. I won’t launch or optimize a dental marketing campaign for a dentist who is not dedicated to self-improvement as a professional, and passes that same culture to his or her staff. The Dental Marketing Guy is dedicated to staying up to date on cutting edge technologies, tactics, and strategies within the dental marketing sphere. I work best with those dentists who hold the same values with respect to improving one’s craft.

4. You are sensitive to non-profit causes.
As a dentist, you hold a truly immense amount of power to make a difference in the world. The ability to change people’s lives as a dentist cannot be over-stated. I work exclusively with dentists who believe in providing the world with the benefit of charity. It doesn’t mean you need to dedicate half of every Saturday to helping children learn the importance of brushing, but what matters is an overall value system that the world needs our help – and you’re just the person to provide it!

5. You talk.
If the above sounds like you, the dental marketing guy looks to serve those that you know in the dental industry of like mind. The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” holds true in this case. If you’re the kind of dentist I accept to help, I would value your willingness to tell others about the great experience you’ve had working with me.