7 Red Bags of Consumer Psychology w/ Sean D’Souza


Consumer Psychology Expert Sean D’Souza talks about the 7 steps to helping patients choose you with his “7 Red Bags” that consumers need to “pick up” before choosing you.

In this video, Sean D’Souza (best selling author of “The Brain Audit”) tells us how his dentist created his uniqueness, and how you can apply the 7 red bags principle to your dental website.

Here are some bullet points of what Sean and I discuss:
  • How Sean’s book “The Brain Audit” is the best kept secret in the dental marketing industry.
  • How Sean went from a cartoonist to one of the most highly sought-after marketing mentors on the planet.
  • The exact steps that dental patients go through when assessing whether you’re the right dentist for them.
  • How you can apply the first 3 red bags (the “attraction factor”) to your advertising.
  • How you can apply the final 4 red bags (the “risk assessment factor”) to your dental website’s message.
  • Why Sean’s courses fill up within HOURS of being released to the public (and how you can use the same principles to attracting high-value operative procedures).
  • How 99% of dental practice testimonials are too “sugary” and unrealistic to most people visiting your website, Yelp page, or Google listing.
  • How a few “reverse testimonials” on your dental website can dramatically improve your website conversions by being authentic and relate-able to people who have never heard of you before.
  • How having 6 of the red bags “picked up” may cause your prospective patient to leave your office and hire a dentist who’s more unique than you.


The analogy Sean offers us is that you’ll always pick up all your bags from an airport’s carousel before departing from the airport (or at least file a “missing bag” claim and returning later for your missing bag). Here are the 7 red bags you need to deliver on the dental patient’s analogous airport conveyor belt:

1. Target profile.
2. Problem.
3. Solution.
4. Objections.
5. Testimonials (reverse).
6. Risk reversal.
7. Uniqueness.

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