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Welcome to the dental marketing guy show! I'm Justin Morgan, the dental marketing guy. Let's delve into this! Today we're talking about AMP, amp. Also known as accelerated mobile search. This is something we can implement so the mobile version of your website can load...almost instantly!

Currently, at the time of airing, Google isn't using this as an official ranking factor. But as an expert in the field of SEO, I can assure you that this is the best time to take advantage of this feature. In fact, the blog posts shared by Google themselves recently that perhaps around February 2016, this may become an official ranking factor. Even if this never becomes an official ranking factor, it will help with converting mobile browsers into paying patients for your dental practice.

How do you implement AMP?

By installing a certain plugin to your website, but the coding of your website has to be SEO friendly, to begin with. In the YouTube description, I will provide a link to the recommended plugin. This comes with but one caveat:

First, make sure that this will work for YOUR website. Please contact me if you'd like to assess whether or not we can instantly increase your mobile search engine rankings with this tactic!

Thanks for watching the dental marketing guy show! If you'd like more information on how to attract more of the patients you want most through dental SEO, please contact me at [email protected]


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Justin Morgan is the CEO and founder of what most of us affectionately refer to as the “DMG.” From all circles within the dental industry who address dental marketing as a topic, Justin Morgan is the dental marketing guy that everyone keeps talking about.

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