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Dr. Sunny Pahouja, DDS: Talks About Patient Experience

Lifetime Smiles Dentist Sunny Pahouja Treats His Patients Right! Dr. Sunny Pahouja talks on The Dental Marketing Guy Show to discuss what he does at Lifetime Smiles in Cincinnati to help patients have an unexpectedly pleasant experience! Transcript of Sunny Pahoujah DDS Interview on The Dental Marketing Guy Show: Justin: Alright we’re live, welcome to […]

Coach Heidi Mount of Interview

Coach Heidi Mount: Featured Expert on Dental Marketing Guy Show Learn About the Invisible Profit in Your Dental Practice! Coach Heidi appears on the dental marketing guy show as an expert on the area of finding hidden profits in dental practices.  Here is the video: Transcript of Coach Heidi Interview on The Dental Marketing Guy […]

Dental Maverick Dr. Tuan Pham | Take Control of Your Dental Practice and Your Life!

Dental Maverick Dr. Tuan Pham Tells All! It's an honor and pleasure to interview the legendary "Original Dental Maverick," Dr. Tuan Pham.  Dr. Pham has a high level of energy, which I personally find addicting.  Dr Pham specializes in helping dentists take control of their dental office, and take control of their destiny!  Learn more about […]

What's the Lifetime Value of a New Dental Patient?

Transcript of Video: Hey guys it's Justin the dental marketing guy here to talk about the lifetime value of a new patient. If you're an ophthalmologist, you know that $5,000 is the cost of LASIK.   So if you're spending $500 set to gain a new patient that makes sense as an ophthalmologist it's a much […]

Types of Re-Targeting Campaigns for Dental Websites

January 31, 2016
Here are the types of re-targeting that you can implement to be top of mind for prospective dental patients: 1. Search Retargeting -   A prospective dental patient searches for a dentist in your area.  We now know exactly what they want.  But, if you're not listed on the top 3 listings, you're probably not the […]

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