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Why Web Designers Can't Rank Your Site

If you've ever studied seo even a little bit, you know that inbound links are one of the most important aspects to ranking on popular search engines. This might be a bit controversial, just so you know. This post will shake up those who design websites and claim to also rank them, no doubt. But […]

Referrals- Top 3 Tips Addressing Patient Perception

Dentists ignore these top 3 tips on how to best ask for referrals all the time. Why should you care?  Because dentistry is riddled with bad marketing practices, and instead of blending in with the crowd, it's now easier than ever before to stand out.  You have to love the dentists that ignore these tips […]

4 Ways Your Business Can Market on a Budget

Marketing in the twenty-first century requires a lot of know-how and lot of compromise. If you’re doing your marketing on a budget, the amount of compromise you need to include doubles and it seems as though the content you make is never as good as what is made when you have unlimited funds. Marketing on […]

What Dental Patients Really Want

Dentists, Put down that hand piece for just one minute.  Have you ever stopped to think what your prospective patients really want?  Of course you have.  But have you ever researched empirical data which indicates what dental patients really want most from their (would be) dentist?  50% of people don't have a dentist, and yet they […]

Dental Advertising vs Dental Marketing

Hey Dental Marketing Guy, I hear you talking about internal marketing for dental offices and dental marketing such as SEO and optimizing a dental website for conversions.  Which is marketing, and which is advertising? Marketing for Dentists: When talking about dental marketing, what comes to mind?  Direct mail postcards with discount dental evaluations, search engine […]

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