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How To Rank YouTube Videos - 90 SEO Experts Share Their Best Strategies

Rank YouTube Videos
If you own a business, simply having a website and some social media profiles isn't going to cut it anymore. To interact with your customers you need engagement. For many people, nowadays, video content is much easier to access because it requires less effort than reading or just listening (like we do with podcasts). No […]

Top 100 Citations for Dentists

September 21, 2017
How you can take advantage of citations to improve your SEO   It’s no secret that building authoritative backlinks requires a combination of passion, creativity, relationship-building with key influencers, and perseverance.   But, what about the easy to attain backlinks? Isn’t there a way you can build links to your website that doesn’t involve some […]

Learn the 2-step Process to Determine if SEO is a Good Investment for You

My process of “velscoping your keywords” helps you qualify what SEO means to you. Let's go over the first step: Call it a crystal ball. Scientific research. Or even just plain common sense. Velscoping your keywords is the opposite of the traditional approach used by dentists who invest into SEO, which I call the “pay and […]

7 Red Bags of Consumer Psychology w/ Sean D'Souza

Consumer Psychology Expert Sean D'Souza talks about the 7 steps to helping patients choose you with his "7 Red Bags" that consumers need to "pick up" before choosing you. In this video, Sean D'Souza (best selling author of "The Brain Audit") tells us how his dentist created his uniqueness, and how you can apply the […]

How to Get the Perfect Video Testimonial [6 Questions]

In this blog post you'll learn: 1. The six "bases" you need to cover in order to get an authentic video testimonial. 2. How constructing a video testimonial can tell you the Achilles heel in your business model. The problem with most Google and Yelp reviews is that they are like resumes. They're one-sided. They […]

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