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From Web Design to PPC Marketing: How to Generate Future Clients for Your Business

How to Generate Future Clients for Your Business
So, you have built your website (or you are thinking about it), make sure that your design and branding touches on the best marketing practices and you are now wanting to build your brand in order to gain future business. It’s at this point that most people begin to consider PPC marketing. PPC is one […]

10 Ways to Improve Client Retention Without Spending a Cent

Small business professionals and dental surgeries know that in order to be successful, they not only need to acquire new customers, they also have to keep their current customers happy so that they become repeat customers. Client retention is more valuable and costs less money than finding new customers. Current clients (or patients, or customers […]

How To Rank YouTube Videos - 90 SEO Experts Share Their Best Strategies

Rank YouTube Videos
If you own a business, simply having a website and some social media profiles isn't going to cut it anymore. To interact with your customers you need engagement. For many people, nowadays, video content is much easier to access because it requires less effort than reading or just listening (like we do with podcasts). No […]

Commitment vs. Control - Dental Marketing Guy

The Hidden Dangers of a Prideful Approach to Marketing + 1 quick tip on how to deal with it in your dental office Is your dental marketing company committed to great results?  Or do they try to control which medium you use to advertise? I recently had a very successful and highly regarded dentist contact […]

Actionable Dental Marketing Idea #2 - Dental Marketing Guy

Today we're featuring a dental office who has really turned the new patient faucet on through a variety of internal marketing efforts.  Pine Crest Dental's very own Dr. Williams showcases an incredible Halloween dental marketing strategy which speaks for itself. The benefits of branding by having children arrive at the practice are immediately evident.  Additionally, […]

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