Dental SEO Guaranteed Results #23 | Dental Marketing Guy Show – Dental Marketing Guy


I’m the dental marketing guy, today a very controversial topic. We’re talking about whether or not an SEO company can guarantee results and more importantly what it means for your practice.

What if I told you that no one knew how to rank your dental website on search engines? So you might as well just quit before you even start. Sounds pretty bleak, right? Well on that front many dentists feel that one horror story after another about dentists who hire one shady company who failed to deliver results to other accounts of how enigmatic SEO is to the dentist who ranks highly but doesn’t generate any new patients from things can look pretty bleak all right. That’s why I decided that the best way to help dentists like you gain faith in using SEO as a viable predictable dental marketing tool. I should be able to assess the risk on your behalf. How do I do this? By conducting a comprehensive, deliberate analysis of your unique SEO kicks. By forming an SEO strategy before we commit to a long term SEO effort. We’re giving you a fighting chance to select the best search marketing solution for your practice which, by the way maybe doing nothing for SEO. We may be able to rank you effortlessly by simply launching a new website or making a few coding tweaks.  We may need to provide a consistent, aggressive effort towards SEO that transcends what most dentist do. It all depends on the many variables in your unique market, your unique practice, the people who you work with and what other dentist in your are willing to invest to rank highly on search engines. Don’t allow the big franchises who wish to defeat you with doc in the box style practices which only seek to devalue the noble profession of dentistry. Take a stand for your place as a valuable doctor of repute and find out what it will take for you to rank. The first step is to provide some basic information on and allow me to personally return your email or call with valuable information that will surely shape the way you approach dental marketing forever.

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