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Dental Websites Don’t Need Ongoing SEO

I’m Justin the dental marketing guy!  Today we’re talking about how you may be paying for SEO which you don’t need.

This largely depends on how competitive your space is in the search engines.  If you’re going for keywords such as New York cosmetic dentist, you’re in for a marathon, not a sprint.  However, Invisalign Paso Robles, CA is a much less competitive keyword.  This may mean that with a proper SEO foundation, you may be able to secure a #1 ranking on search engines without any ongoing effort.  I hope this episode can help you save thousands annually on unneeded SEO efforts. However, this video shouldn’t be construed as comprehensive advice for your unique case.  If you’d like, let’s get you a comprehensive SEO analysis to determine where you reside in search engines, roughly how many new patients you’ll gain should you rank, and what kinds of keywords would benefit you most.

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About the Author - Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan is the CEO and founder of what most of us affectionately refer to as the “DMG.” From all circles within the dental industry who address dental marketing as a topic, Justin Morgan is the dental marketing guy that everyone keeps talking about.

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