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Meet Samantha.
The only website chat that converts visitors into patients.

Samantha increases your new client intake and accepts appointment inquiries 24 hours a day while allowing you to have full control of your schedule.
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"Samantha works around the clock 24/7 to answer my website visitors questions and help them schedule an appointment."
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Dr. Micheal Oneykaba
Dr. Micheal Oneykaba performs general dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal disease, restorative dentistry, crown and bridge, implants, dentures and cosmetic dentistry.

Samantha is on Dr. Oneykaba's website ready to answer website visitor's questions and increase conversions.


Dental Websites that use Samantha …

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Turn clicks into
new patients

Samantha responds to new patient inquiries and converts them into patients 24/7.
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Have full control over
their schedule

Samantha collects your website visitors contact information so that your staff can reach out and schedule them based on your office's current availability.
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Don't pay an arm and
a leg for website chat

Samantha's smart automated chat answers FAQ's and saves you from paying your staff or worse outsourcing your chat to a third party.

Samantha answers website visitors' questionsand converts them into patients.

Visitor is on website and has a question.
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Samantha answers the visitor's question.
Samantha converts to caller to a client.
Samantha informs you to follow up.

Your website visitors are asking questions.
Samantha answers them for you.

Online Scheduling is great….but did you know that only 3% are ready to schedule an appointment immediately. Think about it, how many prospects call your office and ask for an appointment right away without asking a question. Don't believe us…Listen to real calls below.
Visitor is on website and has a question
Another insurance question
Caller has switched insurance.

What can Samantha do?

Turn clicks into
You are already paying to get visitors to click on your website. Let Samantha turn them into patients.
Never miss another patient inquiry
Today, website visitors have the attention span of a five year old. If they don't find the answer to their question right away, they are clicking on your competition's website.
Answer website visitors' questions 24/7
Website visitors have questions, like do you take my insurance or how much is a crown before they schedule. Samantha answers these questions and them schedule.
Enable you to control your own schedule
Giving patients' full control of your schedule, can leave you open all day except one appointment at the end of the day. Samantha collects website visitors' contact information and allows your front office to call and schedule them.
Samantha VS CompetitorsSamanthaOnline SchedulingLive Chat Operators
Enables clients to schedule appointments
Enables full control over your schedule
Answers your website visitors questions
Costs an arm and a leg