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Justin: Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show. I’m Justin, the dental marketing guy and today were discussing local SEO. How the way you build citations definitely mattes for your new patient flow. Today were talking about one of the most commonly understood yet misunderstood ways you can help your dental websites search engine ranking. This is a video based on an article I examined on The editor who put out this article is named Aki Libo-on. Yeah, my apologies Miss L, I can’t possible have that right, forgive me. Here are some of the key takeaways from the local citations survey, 90% of local experts say accurate citations are critical or at least very important to search engine rankings. 86% of local SEO experts say quality of citations is more important than the quantity of citations. Industry relevance is the most important factor to consider when choosing which citation sites to use. 33% of local SEO experts say nice or industry directories offer the greatest authority to your dental website.

Correct address formatting on citation is important but not critical, say 21 local search experts. 62% of local search experts say rich citations, in other words the way that you build the citations are essential or very important. The way you build citations is more important that the amount you build. That’s why certain citation building services may be a good idea but not necessarily an optimal one for areas which have a high level of SEO competition such as a big metropolis are like Charlotte, North Carolina. What’s the real takeaways here for you? If you’re in it low competition area feel free to use cheap citation building services. If you’re in a more competitive area make sure you’re working with an SEO expert who knows how to move quickly in a fast-paced foot race. If you want to compete in a competitive are where search is very important to you gaining new patients be sure to contact an SEO expert. Don’t accept cookie cutter solutions, a true SEO expert can tell you how competitive your area is for search engines.

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