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2 Major Factors in SEO | Content and Links

Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show!  I’m Justin Morgan, aka the dental marketing guy. Today we’re talking about the 2 major factors in SEO content and links.

The first factor for SEO is content.  The way search engines decide how to promote a certain piece of content is by crawling it with search engine bots, sometimes called spiders.  These search engine bots crawl as much of the internet as they can.  When they crawl your content, they pick up on the overall genre of that content.  The more content you have one a specific topic, the more opportunity the search engine but has to pick your website up as a relevant authority on that topic.

The second factor for your SEO is links.  They can be links from other websites, or links within your website.  They can be links of any kind, but the links which will prove most useful are those who are existing authorities in your industry. So how do you know from whom you want to seek links from? Here is the example I give dentists:

Suppose Charles has a hurt tooth.  He is waiting in the line at the DMV and he complains to the lady next to him.  This lady, who he doesn’t know tells him in mandarin that he should see Dr. dinson-dmg
.  Well Charles doesn’t speak mandarin, so a lot of good that referral did both Charles and Dr. Farr.

Then Charles gets to the front of the line and the receptionist there at the DMV notices he’s in pain.  She asks him what’s the matter and he tells her about his aching tooth.  Well this nice DMV lady tells Charles about Dr. Farr.  So what’s Charles’ reaction?  Well that’s nice, maybe I’ll see Dr. Farr Charles says.  But he’s not really serious about seeing Dr. Farr at all, at this point.

Then Charles goes through the DMV taking care of his business and as he’s waiting a nice man strikes up a conversation with Charles and eventually the conversation turns to Charle’s aching tooth.  Charles then receives another recommendation to see Dr. Farr from this gentleman.  We notice a pattern emerging.

Later, Charles is at his auto mechanic, and they’re talking about his hurting tooth and Charles’ auto mechanic recommends Dr. Farr.  Now Charles trusts his auto mechanic with auto issues, and overall trusts his authenticity, but what do these 3 people that recommend Dr. Farr really know about dentistry?

These references of Dr. Farr in the real world are like inbound referring links to your website.  It’s the way Google determines who’s being cited, or recommended by others.  And in our narrative Charles should most certainly, under normal circumstances, go see Dr. Farr.  Here’s where our story takes an unexpected turn:

Charles goes to see Dr. Farr and, upon examining, Dr. Farr says oh no this is far too dangerous – you need to go see the oral surgeon Dr. Alltucker immediately!

Guess how likely Dr. Alltucker is to get Charles in his office the next day?  Very likely.

The same is true when it comes to the valuation of back links to your dental website.  The more authoritative the source of the referral, the most powerful that link is.  When the Mandarin speaking lady recommended Charles go see Dr. Farr, it meant nothing.  When the next 2 people did it, it was of moderate compelling nature.  The compelling nature of the referrals was compounded with each new person, however it wasn’t until Dr. Farr, who was highly touted within his community among the general public, along with having the clinical skills as well, recommended Dr. Alltucker.  Now Charles has confidence that Dr. Alltucker is at the top of his list.

In search engine optimization, Dr. Alltucker is ranked #1.  By being strategic about who we earn backlinks from, and where those links are directed, we’re able to promote your dental website with powerful backlinks which shoot you to the top, just like Dr. Alltucker.

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