Should You Use Video? #28 | Dental Marketing Guy – Dental Marketing Guy



Justin: Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show. I’m Justin, the dental marketing guy and today we’re talking about how marketing has changed over the years.

This video is designed to help dentist like you get a head start and finding actionable dental marketing ideas which will allow you to grow yourself the dream practice that you’ve always wanted. Number two, use video, remember when the internet was dial up? Those days are long behind us. Today video is faster, cheaper, and more expected than ever. If they’re anything like the majority of the dental marketplace your perspective dental patients spend vast amounts of time on YouTube. Promoting your practice and your team on video, you’re helping prospective patients get to know you. They’ll come to like you even before they’ve met you, they learn to trust you just as if they had met you face to face. In this digital age you literally can be in all places at all times through educational videos.

Meeting your patients in their living room, coffee shop, or anywhere else they may be, videos on their desktop or mobile device or tablet. this is the future, the best part of all is 99% of dentists will read this article or watch this video only to take zero action of those that do take action more than half of them will not hire a professional videographer and among those who do hire a professional video production company few of them will hire someone who specializes in dental video production. Think about it this way, when a prospective patient goes to Google they enter dentists in their name. What do they see? They see a website followed by another website followed by another website, one dental website after another, boring. What if in the middle of all that they come to your website and on your website is a beautifully crafted professional video of you and your team in your office displaying your company culture? You would be a categorically different dentist just because you have a categorically different dental website. By hiring someone who specializes in dental video choreography you can be categorically different from your peers.