Technology as Marketing #27 | Dental Marketing Guy Show – Dental Marketing Guy



Justin: Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show. I’m Justin, the dental marketing guy and today we’re talking about how marketing has changed over the years. If you’re a dentist who lands on this page, you understand something about the future. You understand that the dental market that our fathers toiled in is nothing like the dental market of today. Today’s dental market is saturated with advertisements, you might want to find out “how can I stand out? how can my dental office differentiate itself? what are some quick ideas to improve new patient flow?” this video is designed to help dentists, like you, get a head start in finding actionable dental marketing ideas which will allow you to grow yourself the dream practice that you’ve always wanted. While this list is not one hundred percent comprehensive I allow you to get a taste of the kinds of dental marketing ideas I offer from my subscribers at number one, keep up with technology, there is a segment of your market which will actually judge your clinical skills as well as your level of interest in providing a high standard of care based on your technology. Some of those patients are known to leave dentists who do not keep up with the latest technology, don’t be left behind. You can prove to your patients that their convenience, comfort, and costs are on your mind and you can do it just by having a new toy. how much fun is that?

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