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Web Designers Can’t Rank Your Dental Website

Hey I'm the Dental Marketing Guy! welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show. Today we're talking about web designers and why they can't rank your dental website.

Today we’re going to talk about something truly controversial.  I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers by saying these things, but i think it's important for you to know.  I’m going to cite some important facts before giving you my opinion, because I think that’s important for you to be able to form your own hypotheses.

The first thing we have to look at is how websites get ranked on search engines.  Ranking involves producing quality content.  Whenever I say quality content, I’m talking about content which is original and helpful.  It’s relevant to the audience and teaches them something.

The way search engines measure the helpfulness of content is through a hodgepodge of many factors, the most notable is inbound links.  Inbound links help you get ranked higher, and they do the same for web design company websites.  Here’s the one thing web design companies who want your business will NEVER tell you… The way that most web design companies earn their inbound links is by placing a link saying “Website Designed by ABC web design,”  which that link point to the web designer’s website.  This might seem fine and dandy, even though it’s actually against Google’s terms of service, but we can get into why that is in another episode, the reason this matter to your practice’s SEO success is simple.  If this is the only way a web designer knows how to get inbound links…how EXACTLY are they going to get you the same inbound links?  Dental offices don’t design websites, and therefore they don’t have a seemingly unending amount of back links to place on other websites.

So the question becomes: If they use strictly site wide footer back links to build their own SEO, what kind of link earning campaign will they devise for you?  If they can’t seem to answer this question very easily, you’ve found yourself exactly what you originally thought you did. A web designer.  Not an dental SEO expert.

If you’re looking for someone to devise a plan for you on how to build your practice by building inbound links, hit me up at dentalmarketingguy.com.  If you’d like to learn more, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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