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Cosmetic Dentist Salary: Are They the Highest Paid Dentists?

What exactly is a cosmetic dentist? That is a very good question. There is no clear answer because it is not recognized as one of the ADA’s 12 recognized dental specialties. Today, procedures that were once performed only by specialists are more commonly done by general dental practitioners. Cosmetic dentistry appears to be primarily a […]

The dental marketing scams. Top 9 signs you’re being taken for a ride.

Many dental marketing companies will put a great deal of effort into selling you their services, signing a long-term contract, and then disappearing when you need something. Accountability is lacking from them. You can prevent this! Here are the top 9 things you can look for when avoiding what I call the “do-nothing” dental marketing […]

Web Design Tips For Increasing Website Conversions

web design tips
Whether you are selling services or products (physical or digital) your goal is to convert visitors into paying customers. You've heard many times that content is king, and while that is true, great content isn't enough. You can write valuable information but it matters a lot how you deliver it. The design of a website […]

Top 10 Dental Malpractice Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

There are risks involved with every aspect of our lives, but when it comes to dental procedures all risks must be shared with the patient in advance. Not only is this information essential to their decision of whether to go forward with the procedure, but it also can protect you from malpractice lawsuits if there […]

How backlinks affect SEO results for dentists and orthodontists

December 3, 2021
Learn why backlinks can be used to develop higher search engine rankings and get found by patients looking for a dental professional like you! “Backlinks” in SEO terminology are when another website links to your website. Earning backlinks is an essential part of competitive SEO campaigns, so you might wonder why you haven’t heard about […]
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