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How backlinks affect SEO results for dentists and orthodontists

December 3, 2021
Learn why backlinks can be used to develop higher search engine rankings and get found by patients looking for a dental professional like you! “Backlinks” in SEO terminology are when another website links to your website. Earning backlinks is an essential part of competitive SEO campaigns, so you might wonder why you haven’t heard about […]

How to improve your odds when investing in dental SEO

November 22, 2021
How to improve your odds when investing in dental SEO
2 simple steps have taken my dental SEO company from a good track record to a predictably perfect track record. I talk to dentists who are interested in getting more new patients every day. One common theme I’ve noticed with dentists who are unhappy with their current or previous marketing provider is that there was […]

The Ultimate Secret to Knowing Whether Your SEO Will Get You Enough New Patients

November 4, 2021
SEO Call
Most dentists follow the “just a cleaning” version of dental SEO. Here’s how you can avoid the most common trap in SEO. The patient calls your office and demands “just a cleaning.” What do you do? Every office has it’s own policy, but the vast majority of dental offices will instruct the patient that while […]

Top 5 Ways to Cut Your Home Page Loading Time in Half

dentist website on a laptop, designed by dental marketing guy
Did you know that a second or two delay in how fast your home page loads can have a massive impact on your bottom line? That is right. You will have fewer page views in those one-to-two seconds, decrease customer satisfaction, and see fewer conversions.  Today's consumers have high demands that they expect, especially when […]

Top 10 Web Design Strategies for Ranking in Google

Web Design Strategies
When trying to raise your website's rank in Google, it is necessary to simultaneously focus on many factors. In addition to the obvious SEO factor, your dental website design - or any web design for business - must be optimal for attracting search engines and humans.  Getting a visitor to your site is only the […]
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