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Tracking New Patients

The Dental Marketing Guy is dedicated to promoting a simple, direct, yet powerful idea: Track What Works. With this basic infographic, we see just how simple it can be to ledger what's working and what's not with respect to lead generation. Track where your patients came from religiously, and you might be surprised after several […]

Actionable Dental Marketing Idea #2

Today we're featuring a dental office who has really turned the new patient faucet on through a variety of internal marketing efforts.  Pine Crest Dental's very own Dr. Williams showcases an incredible Halloween dental marketing strategy which speaks for itself. The benefits of branding by having children arrive at the practice are immediately evident.  Additionally, […]

The True Value of a New Patient

The True Value of a New Dental Patient. It could be the most fundamental marketing principle for a dental office.  So why is it so confusing to identify an accurate figure?  It could be that, unlike an ophthalmologist who knows ever Lasik case makes $5,000, dentist are unable to easily break off such a straightforward […]

In Marketing, Timing is Everything

Of the popular dental marketing tactics, the level of effectiveness seems to have a common theme.  Hitting the right audience at the right time. I think that's why SEO has become such a huge boon in dental marketing.  You're only showcasing your practice at the exact moment a prospective patient is actively searching for a […]

Why Web Designers Can't Rank Your Site

If you've ever studied seo even a little bit, you know that inbound links are one of the most important aspects to ranking on popular search engines. This might be a bit controversial, just so you know. This post will shake up those who design websites and claim to also rank them, no doubt. But […]

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