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Who needs Dental SEO?

Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show.  I’m Justin Morgan the dental marketing guy.  Let’s delve into this!

SEO is probably the most enigmatic practice in dental marketing today.  Why is that?  I think it comes down to the fact that dentists just have better uses for their time than to learn SEO.  For instance, if you could invest 100 hours into learning SEO, how many CE courses are you missing out on during that time?  Your clinical skills as a dentist are actually at stake by trying to conquer SEO.  Now, if you enjoy “geeking out” doing SEO, then by all means this is not only a fun thing for you to do with your spare time, but also a very profitable one.  But for most dentists, doing SEO isn’t practical because you could be adding new clinical skills to your repertoire.  You could be doing more of what you enjoy in life.  And you can change lives in a way that no SEO professional ever could.

With that said, I think boiling down dental SEO into it’s most basic tenants is what is most profitable for your practice.  And that’s what I’m here to do for you.

Dental SEO is for any practice that has determined through careful assessment of your practice’s marketing goals and budget, which searchers are looking for you in high enough volume that it behooves you to ensure that you’re ranked high enough to make your practice easily accessible by the patients you want most.  We perform this expert analysis by looking at data provided by search engines such as Google.  Once we’ve determined how competitive the search engine landscape is for your services in your geographic area, we’re able to project how to best proceed.

It’s absolutely critical that you determine what the returns are on your SEO investment, before you make that investment.  Skipping this critical first step is sacrilegious in the dental marketing industry, and anyone who offers cookie cutter pricing models without performing this comprehensive research first is failing to help you assess risk properly.

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Justin Morgan is the CEO and founder of what most of us affectionately refer to as the “DMG.” From all circles within the dental industry who address dental marketing as a topic, Justin Morgan is the dental marketing guy that everyone keeps talking about.

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