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How to Earn Inbound Links for Dental SEO

I’m the Dental Marketing Guy.  Let’s delve into this!  Probably the best form of off page SEO is the earning of inbound links.  That is, to find opportunities from authorities within the dental field who might find value and meaning in linking to your website.  The way of earning inbound links – or “backlinks” as they’re called in SEO, can sometimes be enigmatic with many SEO companies.  Exclusive to those dentists watching this video, we’re going to lift the veil of what kind of process can be used to gain backlinks.

There are 3 ways to earn backlinks.  You may gain them through serendipity and great branding.  You may gain them through building relationships with those within the dental industry who already have authoritative online properties.  Or you may build such properties yourself.

In the first instance, you’re a real player in the dental industry, and you’re just going to gain backlinks through the power of being a big brand.  My website has a link to, and I received nothing in exchange for this link.  In fact, I was never approached by anyone associated with for the backlink.  I did it because I recognized as a good website to reference.

In the second example, and this is similar to being an authority as a dentist, is to leverage the relationships you have with those within the dental field to find a compelling reason, perhaps with a bit of sales, that your website should be linked to as a reference.  If we return to my previous example of linking to, the example would change to someone like Howard Farran or one of his employees contacting me and showing me reasons why I should link to his website.  Often, this kind of solicitation is done among those that you know professionally.  And it usually involves some piece of content that is valuable to them, such as a blog post which quotes them as an expert.  Another example might be to have contacts in the media we are happy accept valuable content for their readers in exchange for   We can do an entire SEO Hour episode on the many ways to approach this backlink building strategy.  If you’re interested in learning more about this, we’ll discuss it in our SEO Mastermind Group.

In the third example, you already own many websites which are dedicated to pumping out valuable content relevant to the dental industry.  These websites should have a strong history of being linked to, themselves.  It can be tricky to manage all of these properties, so an SEO company which uses this sort of back linking strategy can sometimes be preferred for those dentists who prefer to practice dentistry more than be computer nerds.

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