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Online Reviews And Your Dental SEO

Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show I’m Justin Morgan the dental marketing guy. In this recent episode of the dental marketing guy show, which you can view, clicking here. I interviewed Maui Bob of the famous five stars reviews system. We discussed how online reviews impact your search engine rankings.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what we discussed.

1. The velocity, or rate, at which you require online reviews does impact your search engine rankings.

2. The number of stars your average score how does it impact your search engine rankings.

3. The click through rate, or the percentage of people who see your listing on search engine, is drastically affected by your average star rating.

4. The total number of reviews you have, does impact your search engine rankings.

5. The overall impression of your brand your reputation and the success of your dental practice, all rely heavily with this new era of online reviews.

Word of mouth may be the best way to gain new patients and this is consistent with the studies I reviewed with Maui Bob. However,  much of the word of mouth is now taking place online. And online reviews or something which your happy patients is more than willing to help you out with. You do great dentistry, allow your ideal patients to help you do great marketing.

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