Invisalinks Method SEO Course

Welcome! In this SEO course, you’ll get access to weekly videos which will outline SEO techniques that are working for dental websites all over the world. Every week, we’ll check back in our Facebook group to make sure everyone easily understands the message I’m teaching. I’ll be happy to adjust the curriculum based on your feedback, so feel free to chime in with any suggestions, questions, or concerns in our private group.

The first video will be an introduction of what you can expect from me, the Invisalinks Method Course, and the other members of our community. I’ll plant some “seeds of thought” before the next weekly video, which will be entirely actionable. In fact, from our second video, you’ll learn the exact first step you need to take in order to help your practice thrive on Google.

It’s very important that we approach this first video with the mindset of how we can give to the members of our community. Your generosity will help us all be perceived by new patients (and search engines) as confide thought leaders! In fact, the key to us getting you new patients from Google will be for us to support one another through generosity of ideas, and be willing to encourage one another. That’s why I’ve called our Facebook group the Invisalinks Support Group.

A rising tide rises all ships, and if you consider yourself a team player who LOVES getting new patients from Google, then the Invisalinks Support Group is for you!

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