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The Invisalinks Method is a step-by-step system that I’ve created, based on years of doing SEO for dentists. It is a systematic way of building links to dental websites in a way that concurs with common sense and allows any SEO company or dental marketing professional to successfully lift rankings in a way that is sustainable for the long run.

The Invisalinks Method is all about building what Google calls “Backlinks”

We’ll get to Google’s official position on why building backlinks to your dental website is the fastest, most efficient way to reach the top of Google’s search results in just a minute, but first, let’s define what a “backlink” is.

When another website links to your website as an informational resource, this is what Google calls a “backlink.”

For instance, if you have a blog on, and it links to any page on your website to support what’s being said in your blog, that would be an example of a backlink.

Another example would be if you have a backlink from

Or even a backlink from

But, not all backlinks carry the same weight. The Invisalinks Method is a proven system that is similar to a public relations (“PR”) campaign. It is a unique form of a traditional PR campaign in that my focus is to help you achieve the highest possible search engine rankings. I help you find the highest quality, most relevant dental blogs or media outlets that would benefit from referencing your website as an informational resource.

The secret to the Invisalinks Method really isn’t a secret, at all! I simply lift the veil on what editors, journalists, bloggers, SEO companies, marketing coordinators, and Google algorithm engineers have known for years, and I teach it in a way that doesn’t include any of the technical details which are irrelevant to a clinician like yourself.

The Invislinks Method is about adding value to authoritative websites, either by becoming a regular contributor on these websites or by creating useful content on your dental website which aligns with the points these other websites are trying to make.

As a dental professional, you’re able to provide clinical insights, data, polls, and scientific research findings that I, and other marketing professionals cannot.

That’s why, I’ve decided to team up with a network of publishers and clinicians in order to collaborate on how best to deliver the message of dentistry to those searching on the internet.

The Invisalinks Method is about being competitive in SEO while being collaborative in real life.

It’s an SEO system that I teach you with real-life examples and case studies of other dentists achieving results through making their website a hub of information that search engines see as a sign of authority. The key to the Invisalinks Method is two major factors:

Making your website’s content worthy of being referenced by the types of bloggers and journalists that Google already respects.
Negotiating on your behalf with these respectable bloggers and journalists, resulting in some of them creating an editorially-granted backlink to your website.
A super simple icon list element.

When both steps 1 and 2 are accomplished successfully, search engines take notice. When you earn enough editorially-granted backlinks from relevant authorities in the dental industry, your dental website will naturally and consistently rank higher than other dental websites in your neighborhood.

The Invisalinks Method is a series of SEO techniques. The Invisalinks Method is made up of time-tested techniques taught by the greatest minds in SEO on my dental marketing blog. For brevity, the overview is as follows:

I identify useful content on your website.
I identify useful content on your website. I find media outlets who align with your goals and values. You approve of which dental blogs and media outlets you’d like to be cited by.
I develop dental-related ideas to pitch to these dental blogs or media outlets. You approve of which stories you’d like to be featured in.
I craft an article which cites or references you in a way that supports and adds value to the article in this dental blog or media outlet.
I offer the article to these dental blogs or media outlets that I already have a good working relationship with. If the article is published, you’ll be notified.

Before giving you the official definition of the Invisalinks Method, it’s important to realize 3 things about my SEO course:

The Invisalinks Method is an SEO system that I teach step-by-step based on real life case studies that you can’t find anywhere else.
The Invisalinks Method is an SEO system that promotes long term, sustainable SEO results.
The Invisalinks Method is an SEO system that promotes long term, sustainable SEO results. The first step in the Invisalinks Method involves determining whether or not SEO is the right fit for your dental practice and your marketing goals.
Official Definition of The Invisalinks Method

“Creating links which are invisible to many, but align with those that need the guidance. Being clear why you’re linking.” – Justin Morgan

If you’d like to see an in-depth video that overviews the Invisalinks Method, please contact me and ask!

Currently, the Invisalinks Method Course is closed to the public. If you’d like to join the waiting list, please contact me and I’ll be happy to notify you once we have availability.



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