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Hey guys welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show I’m a dental marketing guy thanks for joining me. Today we’re looking at the comparative value of SEO vs Pay Per click advertising.

First, as you probably already know watching the Dental Marketing Guy Show, SEO is the way we gain higher organic or unpaid rankings on popular search engines.  Pay Per Click Advertising is essentially the same thing, but the difference is that you instantly rank instead of waiting weeks or months for higher rankings.  Just as it sounds, pay per click advertising involves paying per click or call, or other engagement.  You’re essentially getting a fast pass – not sure how many of you go to amusement parks where you can get that pass to skip the line – it’s kind of like that.  You pay dearly for it in many cases, more so than SEO, and you also have the issue of needing to optimize the campaign in order to prevent wasteful spending.

I usually recommend most dental practices implement at least a small monthly budget for a couple months of pay per click ads, mostly because of the data available from pay per click advertising being much, much more comprehensive and accurate than the data we can find for free during research of SEO.  It seems when you’re paying for Google Adwords or Bing Ads, they give you the good stuff.  Another benefit of pay per click, or “PPC” advertising is that it allows you access to Google or Bing directly with their customer support.  You can contact them, as I have many times in the past, and ask technical questions.  They typically don’t offer much in the way of strategic help, and it’s certainly not dental marketing centric, but it’s helpful when you need to solve a technical glitch.

Being the Dental SEO Show, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight how superior SEO can be by virtue of the higher amounts of traffic you receive form organic listings, versus the paid listings.  Many searchers have learned to simply not click the ads.  Organic results can seem less “salesy” and they can be most helpful to a searcher who is early and less committed in their search for a dentist.  Overall, you get more traffic.  One more opportunity to be in front of your target audience, more often.

This review of SEO vs PPC is by no means comprehensive.  So please tell me your experiences in the comments below!  If you want to learn more, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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