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What is SEO?

Today on the Dental Marketing Guy Show, we’re discussing what SEO is, and more importantly what it means to your practice.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website or other property representing your practice more visible on popular search engines.  Most dentists think of ranking their already existing websites, and some would think of building a new one that can rank.  It’s worth mentioning that you can rank your YouTube videos, your practice’s fb page, your LinkedIn page and any other online profile you’d like prospective dental patients to find when assessing a dentist.  When I work with dentists on their SEO campaigns, we break down the process in this way:

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis of what it will take to rank you.  We see what the competition looks like for your keywords.  We assess how many people are searching for you’re a dentist in your area.  Often this comprehensive analysis involves a week or two of collaboration with you to discuss what kind of services you offer and who your target audience is.  This is of paramount importance.

If you’re the kind of dentist who values being found by those actively searching for your dental services, feel free to contact me for a no obligation assessment of what it will take for you to rank highly on search engines, and also what kind of returns you can reasonably expect from such an endeavor.

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