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If you've ever studied seo even a little bit, you know that inbound links are one of the most important aspects to ranking on popular search engines.
This might be a bit controversial, just so you know. This post will shake up those who design websites and claim to also rank them, no doubt. But it's important for Townies to know that just because a website designer is ranked for keyword such as "[your city] web design" doesn't guarantee they're really the best company to rank you for "[your city] dentist."

Why? The reason has everything to do with the type of link building being done by these web designers and the lack of any replacement strategy for your dental website.

Website designers will often stamp their work at the bottom of every one of their client's websites. This is often a link which relays ranking authority (often called "link juice") from your dental website to the web designer's website. You can check your website for the same. It's industry standard.

Why does this matter? Because these inbound links are lifting the search engine rankings of the website designer. But while this strategy doesn't exclude the designer from finding a replacement link building strategy for your website, we shouldn't assume that they have such a replacement strategy.

Tips to deal with this issue:

1. Find out how the web designer actually acquires links that would naturally improve your search engine rankings.

2. Make sure you trust their abilities.

3. Look for examples of other websites they've ranked.

4. Ask for specifics as to what link building strategy was used in each case. A qualified seo expert can show you specifics in any case.

5. Sometimes seo can be tricky. If one link building tactic doesn't work, find out what back up plans they have in place.

Follow these 5 tips and you'll have a thorough assessment of what kind of web designer you're dealing with. It could make you millions of dollars in new patients


About the Author - Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan is the CEO and founder of what most of us affectionately refer to as the “DMG.” From all circles within the dental industry who address dental marketing as a topic, Justin Morgan is the dental marketing guy that everyone keeps talking about.

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