Dental SEO

How are you doing dental SEO?

This is the best question for any SEO expert geared towards dentists.  Does your dental SEO company have a cogent, succinct, common-sense response?  Introducing the Dental Marketing Guy, who helps you understand the difference between ethical dental SEO and unethical techniques.

Dental Marketing Guy’s CEO and Founder, Justin Morgan, has a strong background in search engine optimization. Applying himself to dental SEO, Justin provides you with the focus of an SEO expert who has already built relationships with dental media outlets which provide you with useful back linking opportunities.  His focus on dental marketing and content creation allows you the opportunity to gear up for dental SEO that actually converts your dental website browsers, into dental patients.

With an SEO company dedicated to the dental industry, you can gain far more predictable dental SEO results, through the following ways:


1. Dentist-centric SEO linking opportunities
Hiring an SEO specialist who focuses on dental SEO provides efficiency in knowing where to look online for the most valuable SEO opportunities specifically for dentists. A dental SEO expert automatically knows which sort of websites would provide the most authority as referring links.

This helps dentists like yourself by allowing you to be referenced and link to by major dental authorities, which helps improve your overall dental SEO foundation.

When you are the only dentist in your city with a dental SEO expert actively creating relevant, authoritative inbound links, you will naturally rank higher on search engines.   For instance, if your dental SEO expert has a blog on, that dental SEO expert can place a link to your dental website and reference what makes you different, and why you’re noteworthy.  Search engines pick up on this authoritative mention, and your dental SEO becomes streamlined and much more systematic than a non-dental SEO expert.  Making your dental SEO efforts much more predictable.


2. Creating content dental patients care about

Dental SEO consists of hundreds of factors, but ultimately 2 dental SEO tactics are of paramount importance: content and links.  We’ve already discussed how inbound links work to help your dental SEO.  Now it’s time to talk about why working with a dental SEO expert is so important.  The content you create needs to be beloved by two personas: your ideal dental patient, and search engines.  Only a dental SEO expert can craft the right message to satisfy the psychological concerns that dental patients have (even if they never tell you), and also give Google, Bing & Yahoo the kind of content they need to determine if you’re a dentist who is a thought leader in your community.  To prove to search engines that your content is actually what your ideal dental patient craves.  The term I use is dental content marketing, and it’s a new muscle for most dentists performing a search for dental SEO companies.  It’s something that no other dental SEO expert has created a system on, beyond dental marketing guy.

Many dentists who are looking for a new dental SEO company are unhappy with the fact that content creators are simply loading the servers with keyword-targeted content which serves no real purpose beyond, presumably helping your dental SEO along, somehow.  That’s why, dental marketing guy created dentistry’s first and only dental content marketing launch program.

With this new program, you can delegate your content creation to a dental SEO expert, take on the role of content creation completely yourself, or a hybrid of the two.  This will help your dental SEO efforts by making sure that you reliably get more search engine traffic, and then convert that traffic into new dental patients.